Instructor: Dr. Desmonette Hazly

Dr. Desmonette Hazly has been using culinary arts as a tool for education and community development for over 10 years.  After receiving her B.A. in Child Development and Family Studies, she was the coordinator at a domestic violence shelter for women and children where she taught life skills which included cooking.  While getting her Masters degree in Social Work, she also received her culinary arts diploma from a local cooking school and began working with community agencies to develop culinary arts to improve the lives of people in need.

She has developed programs for former gang mebmers, teen moms, disabled veterans, literacy and ESL for libraries and agencies on Skid Row.  She created Pantry Gourmet and the Community Culinary Academy to address the growing needs of people who are food insecure or at risk of hunger.  Dr. Hazly attended UCLA to receive an adult education teaching credential and completed the culinary educator program through the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.  While completing her Ph.D. in International Politics and Policy, she attended the Cordon Bleu in London and Paris.  She continues to expand her culinary education when she travels abroad.  When she is not volunteering her time to Community Culinary Academy and Pantry Gourmet, she is teaching international politics and policy courses at various universities in Southern California.


Pantry Gourmet®

Pantry Gourmet® is a culinary program created in 2007 by Dr. Desmonette Hazly to specifically train emergency meal providers to maximize nutrition and preparation of the food they serve to their clients.  Pantry Gourmet® strives to provide basic cooking skills, sanitation and nutrition education to better equip the emergency food providers with skills that will improve the quality of food that is served and increase the variety and nutritional value of donations received.

Many pantries struggle to utilize the various foods that are provided through food banks and other donor sources.  Not having expanded knowledge in food preparation limits the amount of usable foods that can easily be transformed into a healthy and tasty meal.  Pantry Gourmet® collaborates with emergency food service agencies to improve and maximize the quality of food provided to the community.  Dr. Hazly has trained over 3,000 people who serve in emergency food programs throughout Los Angeles County since the program began.


Community Culinary Academy

The Community Culinary Academy was created to meet the rapid growing number of people in need of emergency food services who also may need workforce development training to find employment.  With the success of the Pantry Gourmet® program, the Community Culinary Academy expands culinary arts training to community members who serve at emergency food agencies and are in need of marketable workforce skills to enter new career paths.  The academy provides the following training:

  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation and Food Safety
  • Food Preparation
  • Basic Kitchen Operation Skills

Upon completing the training and a 40 hour internship, participants receive a certification as a Community Food Service Provider.  In addition, participants will receive a letter of recommendation that provide assistance with employment in the food service industry.

For those who would like to continue their education and receive the designation of Community Food Educator, a series of 4 workshops will be provided that will include public speaking and presentation, material development, multi-cultural outreach and inclusion, and community resource support.

To inquire about either of these programs, please contact Maricelle at