About This List

The information and resources below have been compiled to help you and your organization contact donors, write proposals, research prospects and learn more about fundraising. 

Also included are some resources for general nonprofit management and board development. Our staff has not personally reviewed every publication or web site, but we have made every effort to make sure that information listed is accurate and up-to-date.

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Books for Beginning Grantwriters  Program Planning & Proposal Writing, by Norton J. Kiritz. Step-by-step guide to proposal writing. Includes specific examples of what causes a grant proposal to succeed or fail. Published by The Grantsmanship Center; 48 pages; $4 plus $3 postage and handling. (800) 421-9512

The Foundation Center's Guide to Proposal Writing, by Jane C. Geever and Patricia McNeill. Includes advice from grant makers and sample proposals. Published by The Foundation Center; 191 pages; $34.95 plus $4.50 postage and handling; (800) 424-9836. http://fdncenter.org

The Foundation Centers Guide to Grantseeking on the Web. The Foundation Center. New York, 2000. $19.95

(See the Foundation Center below for more suggestions.)


Contributions Magazine: The How-to Source for Nonprofit Professionals, Bi-monthly, $36/year. www.contributionsmagazine.com

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: The Newspaper of the Nonprofit World, Bi-weekly. www.philanthropy.com

The NonProfit Times, Monthly. www.nptimes.com

Nonprofit Tax & Financial Strategies, Biweekly. Useful fundraising, investment and tax information for nonprofits from an IRS/financial advisor standpoint. Call 1-800-831-7799 to subscribe.

Philanthropy News Digest and RFP-Bulletin (Request for Proposal), Free issues via email. Visit the website www.fdncenter.org to subscribe or send an E-mail to listserve@lists.fdncenter.org with the words SUBSCRIBE PND-L or SUBSCRIBE RFP-BULLETIN in the body of your message.

Internet Resources 

  • www.mindspring.com/~ajgrant/guide.html -A Grant Seeker's Guide To The Internet: Revised And Revisited
  • www.tgci.com/ - Searchable database of federal grant abstracts
  • www.nonprofit.gov/ Nonprofit Gateway to federal funding resources and government agencies
  • www.hud.gov/adm/grants/fundsavail.html - Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)
  • www.cfda.gov/ - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities which provide assistance or benefits to the American public. It contains financial and nonfinancial assistance programs administered by departments and establishments of the Federal government. Searchable online.
  • www.seliger.com/freeservices.cfm - Seliger + Associates provides access to two types of FREE INFORMATION ON GRANT AVAILABILITY
  • www.grantsmart.org/ - GrantSmart is an informational and interactive resource center for and about the nonprofit community. Information about private foundation activities.
  • www.census.gov/ - US Census Bureau homepage. Statistics to substantiate proposals.
  • www.grantproposal.com/ - A site devoted to providing free resources for both advanced grantwriting consultants and inexperienced nonprofit staff. Includes grantwriting tips and sample proposals.
  • caag.state.ca.us/charities/ - The California Attorney General maintains a searchable charity database
  • www.helping.org, a project of the AOL Foundation, Helping.org is a great, free resource for nonprofits and supporters alike. List your most recent financial information as well as detailed information about your mission and programs. Supporters can make secure, online donations to your charity at no charge to you. (You just need to set up an EFT (electronic fund transfer) to your account. Also, a great place to list volunteer opportunities through www.volunteermatch.com
  • www.fdncenter.org, the Foundation Center’s Web site. Resources for classes, publications, foundation information and links to other philanthropy sites.
  • www.gilbert.org/news, publishes a weekly newsletter for the online nonprofit community. Great resource for technology news.
  • www.supportcenter.org/sf/boardcafe.html, a monthly electronic newsletter for members of nonprofit boards published by the Support Center for Nonprofit Management.
  • www.cof.org, the Council On Foundations web site, with links to many foundations and general information on foundations and giving.
  • www.nonprofit.about.com offers local pages for different sections of Los Angeles (San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Hollywood). Free listing of your charity’s information.
  • www.philanthropy.com, the Chronicle Of Philanthropy’s web site. Subscribers have password access to all print editions of the Chronicle online, making it easier to search for specific information. Even non-subscribers can access limited information from this site.
  • www.nonprofit-info.org/npofaq/index.html offers frequently asked questions about nonprofits divided into broad categories including starting and marketing nonprofits, volunteers, board development, small and large donor fundraising, etc.
  • www.tgci.com/, the Grantsmanship Center links to foundation and corporate sites of interest to fund raisers and has general information on fund raising.
  • www.fundsnetservices.com, links to local and national foundations, corporations and other grantmaking bodies. Good resource for new prospects. Also has list of publications, fundraising tips, proposal writing, government agency resources, etc. Updated daily.
  • www.nsfre.org, the National Society of Fundraising Executives web site. Primarily for members, but nonmembers can access lists of fundraising consultants and contact information.
  • www.grantscape.com, the web site of a publisher of many nonprofit resource books. This site offers discussion forums, Grantseeking 101, proposal development and information on upcoming conferences.
  • www.hoovers.com offers searchable, comprehensive listing of corporations, main contacts, web sites and addresses. Most important information is accessible to non-members.

Other Resources 

The Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM)


606 S. Olive Street, Suite 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90014
tel: (213) 623-7080, main@cnmsocal.org

The CNM hosts seminars, issues publications and posts nonprofit job listings biweekly. It also houses the Nonprofit Resource Library.
  • General library information: (213) 623-7080 x 44
  • To make orientation reservations: (213) 623-7080 x 43
  • To reach the librarian: (213) 623-7080 x 26

The Foundation Center

www.fdncenter.org, 1(800) 424-9836
  • FC Search CD-ROM
  • Grant directories by interest and geographic area.
  • The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing.M

City of Los Angeles Community Development Department

215 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

The CDD issues regular NOFAs (Notices of Funding Availability) to Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Community organizations. Contact the department to be on the mailing list. The NOFAs contain federal and local government grant opportunities as well as private foundation grant opportunities.

California Community Foundation

445 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 3400, Los Angeles, CA 90071
tel: (213) 413-4130

The California Community Foundation not only offers grants to nonprofits located in Los Angeles County, but also serves as a great resource for the nonprofit community. Learn about donor-advised funds, endowment building strategies and donor annuity services.

California Association of Nonprofits (CAN)

315 W. 9th Street, Suite 705, Los Angeles, CA 90015
tel: (213) 347-2070 fax: (213) 347-2080

CAN is a statewide membership association of almost 2,000 diverse nonprofit organizations. Their mission is to strengthen and expand the professionalism, governance, influence and effectiveness of California nonprofit organizations. CAN does public policy development and advocacy work to strengthen nonprofits and offers workshops, conferences, newsletters, a help line and consulting services for members.

Internet Fundraising Ideas

Shopping Portals

Many internet sites are trying to gain customers by including a charitable component in e-commerce. The list below is not comprehensive, but gives a sample of more successful sites to date. Most of these sites operate in a similar way — a member makes a purchase through the site’s "shopping mall," and a percentage of the purchase price is donated to the nonprofit organization of the member’s choice. The prices are the same as buying directly from the merchant, so there is no extra cost to the member.

Use this link to join: , and the Food Bank receives $2 for your membership. Once you join, you will receive your own "tell-a-friend" link and your organization will also be able to spread the news and earn money through your contacts and their shopping activities

Shop2give.com operates very much like igive.com except it offers organizations the opportunity to create a "custom" shopping mall where you can include your mission, a brief description about the organization and a link to your website.Visit http://www.shop2give.com/csm/csm.cfm?NPOID=953135649

Visit to see our shopping mall.
E-commerceE nablers These companies help you build a secure site to accept donations online. The fee is either based on a percentage per donation or a flat monthly fee.

A Special Mention

www.helping.org, listed in Internet Resources, deserves another mention for its excellent resources for nonprofits and donors alike. Even if you have no web site and no plans to set one up, helping.org can increase your internet presence.

Every one of the 640,000 nonprofits in the United States is listed in its database, but you can highlight your charity by simply filling in more information about your mission, history and programs. Listing current information gives you a "Guidestar Rating" and lists your charity toward the front when searches are done. In addition, helping.org offers a way for your charity to accept online donations at no cost to you or the donor. 100% of every donation comes to you through an electronic fund transfer system that you set up.