The following are dates for the 2012 Food Safety training sessions at the Food Bank.

Reservations are required to attend the Food Safety training session, please call the Agency Relations department at extension 121, 133 or 135 to schedule training.
Sessions will start at 1:00 PM in the conference room at 1734 E. 41st Street.

ate arrivals will not be permitted into the training session.
Please Note: Due to limited seating only one agency representative per session.
See dates below:
January 27th @ 1:00PM
February 24th @ 1:00PM
March 30th @ 1:00PM
April 27th @ 1:00PM
May 25th @ 1:00PM
June 29th @ 1:00PM

Click here to view a PDF of the Food Bank's Food Safety Training Presentation.